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TransHeat by DIRAC Industries offers two different types of heating systems for moving tank containers or trailers filled with liquid that needs to remain at a certain temperature or has to be heated up during or after transportation.

Both solutions are covered with insulation to limit the heat losses and to protect people touching the container unit.

Transheat enables you to transport your product at any requested temperature up to 600grC. TransHeat engineers, manufactures and installs electric heating systems, especially designed for tank containers, semi-trailers and small packaging applications such as IBC containers and BIB applications that meet your every need and expectation.


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Turn-Key Solutions

Dirac Industries offers its partners a total solution: From materials, engineering, GPS, as built documentation, installation, site supervision to training on demand.

All in one package.
Each tank container is a piece of art.

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Dirac Industries has a unique global footprint with operations in around 50 countries and across 6 continents.

We provide good aftersales and worldwide support to establish a long term business relationship with our partners

Customer Reference

“Since 2009, Den Hartogh has installed silicone heating mats of DIRAC Industries on numerous tank containers.

Up until now, these equipped tank containers have been operational without any failure of the installed heating mats.

In a case of damage to a container, the TransHeatMats can be removed and can be easily and quickly replaced without the need of specialized employees.

For customers with highly sensitive products, this silicone heating mat solution is the ideal solution thanks to the high level of reliability and the equally spread heat dissipation.”

Stephan Kuper

Fleet Manager, Den Hartogh

“Bitumen is a highly coagulation sensitive and high-temperature product.

The DIRAC Industries TransHeat heating system is innovative, progressive and fully concentrated on the specific needs of the customer.”

Eelco van de Meeberg

General manager, Meeberg Container Service BV

Tank Container Heating
“Van Hool has thoroughly tested this innovative heating system for tank containers.

The water tightness of the TransHeatMats is for us one of the major gains compared to other solutions.

The tests have also shown that heating with these silicone heating mats (within their temperature range) spreads heat very evenly, what allows transportation of temperature sensitive products.

We were also extremely pleased with the ease of application of these adhesive mats, reducing the installation time on our containers to a minimum.” Luc Geens

Purchaser Commercial Vehicles, Van Hool

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